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24K Gold Face Mask: Gracie Beauty

Normally, I don’t have the patience for face masks – unless they’re gold. I had never tried the “sheet mask” phenomenon until I was sent these gorgeous masks. Not only do they easily apply to your face, but they’re so hydrating! You don’t even have to scrub or rinse your face afterwards. Just leave the serum on your face and it soaks in for double duty! Gracie Beauty is run right here in Atlanta, Georgia, which makes me love it even more. I’m all for supporting local Girlbosses!

I will be using these masks to pamper myself and prepare for my wedding in August. They’re the perfect way to keep up with your skincare regimen whether you’re traveling, you’re stressed or you just want to treat yourself. I highly suggest these for traveling, especially with the strict liquid airport laws! It’s an anti-aging, hydrating, brightening product all-in-one.

Gracie Beauty also makes neck masks, hand masks and masks for men! Maybe I’ll get Andy on a regimen leading up to the wedding too… Shop all of the masks here!

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Plush Wax & Nail Bar | Roswell

Plush Wax & Nail Bar Roswell | Just Peachy BlogPlush Wax & Nail Bar Roswell | Just Peachy Blog

Ever since we got engaged last October, I’ve been trying to keep my hands looking pretty (just ignore the oven burn on my hand, ugh). I’ve had more manicures in the past 4 months than I had all year and no, that’s not a complaint. I love getting my nails done and I especially love luxury salons that are decorated to the nines. When I found this beautiful new salon in my new charming town, I knew I had to try it out. I was able to hook us up with an exclusive sneak peek of the salon (it’s not open yet!) for my lovely bridesmaids and it was simply amazing.
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Healthy Sweet Tea?

Southern Breeze Sweet Tea | Just Peachy Blog Southern Breeze Sweet Tea | Just Peachy Blog Southern Breeze Sweet Tea | Just Peachy Blog

I think it’s fairly commonly known that I’m (pretty much constantly) on a diet right now. My vices? Comfort food and sweets, both of which are Southern staples. When I’m keeping away from sugar in the form of chocolate or brownies, I almost always crave a big, tall, cool glass of southern sweet tea (but I prefer styrofoam, anyone else?). So of course, now that I’m getting serious about eating better, I’ve gotta make sacrifices and just cut out the sweet stuff completely, right? Wrong! I’d like you to meet my newest obsession: Southern Breeze Sweet Tea.

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