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Blog Tips: Media Kit

Blogger Media Kit Example | Just Peachy Blog

Do you, as a blogger, have a media kit? You should! Not only is it an easy way to keep records of your progress, but it’s an essential document to have on hand to send to brands and PR professionals to initiate potential collaborations and sponsorships. I personally have a two-sheeter that includes my stats in addition to my sponsorship opportunities and pricing and felt it’s my duty to share it with the blog world in the name of blogger-to-blogger assistance. So what must you include in your media kit for maximum results? Let me walk you through mine!

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How to Improve Your Blog in 2016

How to Improve Your Blog in 2016

I know I’m not the only one who gets super motivated to do great things when a New Year starts. A new start gets me so energized and brings forth so many new goals. If you’re looking to either start a new blog or improve your existing blog, now is the perfect time to do so! Keep reading for my most important tips to improve your blog in 2016.

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Blog Tips: CoSchedule Review

Blog Tips and Tricks | Just Peachy Blog

Every now and then I discover something so amazing that everyone needs to hear about it. These things usually involve chocolate or some dramatic TV show (90 Day Fiance, anyone?), but today it involves something that, if you’re a blogger, might actually knock your socks off. Allow me to introduce you to CoSchedule.

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