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Hey y’all! This is ryann from {unspeakable joy}! I’m excited to be guest blogging for Rachel while she is away. If you like what you see, hop on over to my little part of the www and give me some lovin’!

Since Rachel is such a fashionista and does some great polyvores and ootd’s, I started thinking about fashion myself. I would like to think that I have myself pretty much together most of the time, but that was not always the case. I am taking a big step here, and hoping you all won’t judge me. I am about to share with the Just Peachy readers…

Top (Past) Fashion Trends I Wish I Hadn’t Given In To!


butterfly clips.


Do you remember these guys? I think in elementary school I bought out the supply of butterfly clips at Claire’s. For some reason we all thought it was super-cute to line our head with them in attempt to make some sort of cornrows? What a shame I can’t find any pictures…. ahem.


90’s style choker necklaces.

via google images

Oh, wow. Another gem. I remember one particular girl at church who never ever took hers off… All 5 of them. WHAT were we thinking? Nothing like a fake tattoo necklace to make you look good.


blue jean skirts.

yo girl shakin’ it from an early age. also notice the socks and jellies.

Okay, I’ll give a little flexibility on this one, considering I have a rockin’ blue jean pencil skirt from Anthro I love. However, as you can see, I loved the blue jean skirt from an early age. Then came the cheap A&F or Hollister style ones with the frayed edges (that cost $50+ ?!). It’s kind of funny, because we wear blue jean skirts (nice ones, mind you) for Philanthropy Night with our jerseys during recruitment. Just FYI if you ever need a sweet jean skirt, Old Navy can hook you up.

the layered (and popped) polo look.


Apparently I was just soooo preppy back in middle school that I had to wear two polos, layered in coordinating colors, of course. I must have seen that on a mannequin in American Eagle or something, and then decided to pop the collar to showcase the coordinating colors on my neck and arms… once again, wow.

gaucho pants.


I am ashamed to say I wore these as recently in high school. I distinctly remember all the girls rocking them at the Homecoming dance freshman year. The only problem? Horrid panty lines. Or camel toe. I’m seriously trying to remember how these things could be considered flattering. Oh yeah, they’re also named for Brazilian ranchers. Um, what?

Needless to say, we all make mistakes. I can’t wait to look back in 20+ years and see what things I love to wear today that will be just as embarrassing as the clothing and accessories mentioned above. I love all of these trends, but here are my picks for future laughs:


Should the fashion police come get you for any of these or related crimes?

What are your fashion picks for future laughs?

Thanks for having me, Rachel! Y’all stop by and come see me soon at {unspeakable joy}!

xoxo, ryann



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