Do You Know Me?

So I know I told you yesterday that I was going to have a post about my closet. 
Well this is what my closet currently looks like:
So unless I was going to announce that I’m the latest guest on “Extreme Clothes Hoarders” that post just wasn’t going to work today.
But I promise that I have a point here. And that my closet picture relates to this post.
I don’t think I really share who I am with all of you. Sure on Twitter I post about what I’m doing, what I’m wearing, and I have conversations with you. In that sense, you do know how I act, or I guess kind of who I am. But you really don’t know anything about me. Like my favorite color (I have many), or where I was born (Michigan), or how many different houses I’ve lived in (lots). I’m actually really messy despite my OCD tendencies on here (hence the photo above).
Had to throw in a photo of me as a child to get you interested in my life, obvi.
I consider all of my followers/readers/fellow bloggers friends, so I feel like we should all know each other pretty well. And I do know a lot about some of you. So I’m going to open the floor for any questions y’all may have. Or anything you’d ask/know about your real life friends (which.. real life is just a silly term because I consider blogworld real life :) !!)
I am even allowing Anonymous comments! So really you can ask anything you want. I’m not too shy about many things, and everyone loves talking about themselves. If worse comes to worse, and I receive no questions.. I’ll just copy other blogger’s Q&A questions and if anyone gets suspicious.. “We obviously have the same interested followers!”
I’ll do an answer post on Monday so you have all weekend to shoot me some Qs.
And then I’ll do a question post for all of YOU to answer. That will be fun, right? :)
Thanks for your continued support of Just Peachy! :)
  • Whitney

    Ooh, I love to ask questions! Let’s see…. What’s your favorite store other than J. Crew? What’s your favorite color? Were you very involved in your school? In what states have you lived?

  • ryann

    I love to learn about blog friends! :)

    -If you could travel anywhere, where would you go?
    -What’s your dream job? (as in, you could do ANYTHING and get paid for it- no consideration of more education or how sensible the job would be in actuality! :) )
    -What was your favorite thing about ZTA?

  • Arielle Hattan

    I really like this idea! You are brilliant :)

    Where in Michigan are you from? Do you come back to visit? If so we should get together!

    What do you do for closet organization? How do you shop on a tight budget? What are some staple pieces that every girl should have in her closet?

  • Devan

    Some easy ones but you can definitely tell what a person is like from these:

    1.)Favorite Drink
    2.)Ideal Friday night?
    3.)Favorite fast-food?

    And let be honest, I loved Barney as a kid. I think I may have owned that same outfit!

  • Anna H

    Ok – What do you miss most about college? What’s the best thing about being home? Where would you live if you could live anywhere?

  • Turtles and Pearls

    Where do you get outfit inspiration from? What are you hoping to do in the near future job-wise?

  • Charlotte

    Of course I want to ask a sista question!! What did you enjoy most about ZTA? Where do you see yourself in 5 years? How did you start blogging?