Top 5 Tuesday: Guilty Pleasures

Just Peachy

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Chocolate, Ice Cream, Cupcakes, Brownies. I love them all. And I want them daily/nightly. This is not a joke. I crave chocolate every single night and sometimes it’s so bad that I up and go to the store to fulfill. It’s actually pretty bad, and I probably need to get help.

Bad Reality TV
Housewives of ANYWHERE. All of their drama makes my life seem so boring (but it kinda is). I also dig Dance Moms and the Real World. Toddlers and Tiaras? Sign me up. My life is just too straight laced so I have to watch crazy shows.
Boy Bands
It all started with Hanson, then Nysnc, then Backstreet Boys (of course they weren’t as good as Nsync though), then moved on to Otown (while they lasted), and here we are. Good ol One Direction. I guess I just can’t help myself, it’s just in my blood.
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Let’s just talk about how 95% of my jewelry and about 99.8% of my wardrobe is J.Crew. Granted, I do work there and get an awesome discount, but let’s be real. I don’t really need 10 pairs of chino shorts or 3 chambray shirts (okay yea I do). Even though I get a great deal on everything I buy, I still feel guilty every time I walk out of the store. LOVE me some J.Crew.

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Bath & Body Works Candles
Do I need them? No. Can’t I just spray some Febreeze here and there to make my room smell good? Yes. But for some reason every time they have the 2 for $20 sale I just have to go in. And get 2. That’s buy one get one free y’all! I currently have 6 in my room right now and they last at least 2-4 weeks. I have issues.

What are your guilty pleasures? Share with me below!

  • elizalouise.bell

    OMG OTown! ahhh. I waited 28 hours in line for front row tickets to their show…in the SNOW.

  • Valerie Griffin

    i also looooove Bath & Body Works candles! & sweets too, of course ;)

  • Crystal Faye

    Love this. PS- I love that we share an obsession with boy bands. :)

  • Katy

    Reality tv is on my list too! the trashier the better! I just can’t get enough!

  • PostgradPrep

    I love B&BW candles! I try and grab them on clearance at the end of the season! I have about 6 as well.

  • Taylor Bartik

    cracks me up.. i have an awful obsession with jcrew. and i do not work there. but i have been dying for a chambray shirt ;)

  • Sarah

    hahaha we have a lot of the same guilty pleasures!! Sweets is definitely my #1!! haha I could go for a cupcake anytime…yum!! And bad reality tv – YES! haha

  • Elizabeth

    First time linking up! Looking forward to linking up weekly!

  • Mrs Independent

    I couldn’t link up bc I already had a post planned but my goodnessssss! I have two friends that are managers at BBW and they SPOIL me. If you haven’t already, go get the Peach Bellini candle. You will thank me later.

  • marj

    hanson waffles! awesome! lol

    thanks for hosting!

  • Jamie

    Love this! I enjoy some of those as well! I stumbled across your blog while reading a few others I follow. Hope it is okay that I jumped on board with your Top 5 Tuesday!