Top 5 Tuesday: Things I’m Excited About For Spring

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I love Spring!! It’s my favorite season by far.
I love the weather, the busyness, and all the new puppies!
As soon as it gets warm outside, I’m reading to wear shorts. I’m ready to bust open my flowy dresses for class, although I don’t know if I’ve ever even worn a dress to class before.. hm. But I always think it’s a good idea. I sure do love boots and blazers, but skirts and tanks are just the best. Bright colors, bright colors, bright colors. Here are some Spring Pinterest outfits I’m currently loving:

Source: jcrew.com via Rachel on Pinterest
I’m addicted to the sun. I’m not happy when it’s cloudy/rainy/snowy. I could lay out in the sun every single day if possible and some weeks I do. And what’s great about the Springtime sun is that you don’t sweat TOO much, but you still get your tan on and feel warm. Perfect.
My Birthday!
April 24th! The greatest Birthday ever! But really, I have a thing about numbers and 4/24 is just a great number. I wouldn’t want to be born on any other day. Last year my 21st Birthday was on Easter Sunday so this year I’m hoping to have a super fun bash. 🙂 You’re all invited.

Weekend Plans
Something about Spring makes everyone go crazy with planning parties and such. There’s something to do literally every single weekend and I love it. I love being outside all day, shopping, watching sports, walking around, going to the zoo, playing tennis, all that good stuff. Late nights on the porch, eating outside, walking to class. The list goes on and on.

And once it’s Spring, you know Summer is right around the corner. You start getting Summer fever about 2 weeks into Spring (guilty) and you start planning your vacations. Unfortunately, I’m not as excited about Summer as I have been the past 21 years of my life because I don’t know where I’ll be or what I’ll be doing.. but I’m getting ready to have a plan ha.

What are you excited for?
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