Top 5 Tuesday: Vacations

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I love traveling. I’m not really a fan of going to the same place twice, because I love seeing new places and experiencing new things. My favorite part of vacations is 1) shopping and 2) restaurants. And then of course the beach if that happens to be at the destination.
Here are a couple of my favorite vacations complete with pictures!
And it just so happens I want to live in each of these places..
5. Jamaica
I was forced into this.
And this.
4. Miami
Proof I was once very skinny and very tan.
3. San Francisco
2. New York
1. Oxford/London
Not technically a vacation since I was there for study abroad but still. Best trip ever.

I can’t wait to keep traveling the world and maybe even live in one of these locations within the next couple months. 🙂

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