Top 5 Tuesday: Best Distractions from Finals/Work

For those of you who participated in my 2 truths and a lie yesterday.. CONGRATS. All but one of you got it right. And it was brought to my attention that the lie was just totally obvious. Sorry if it wasn’t fun.. I am a horrible liar. Yesterday was proof because I really thought I might stump you guys!
The Lie:
I definitely did not. But I probably would have if the ingredients were in my pantry.. good thing I bought some last night. And already had one sandwich. 🙂
We paid to park in the backyard of a house right by the Georgia Dome so we could tailgate before the SEC Championship. We were planning on leaving 30 minutes before the game started so we could get back to a bar to watch the game in time. Well, when we got back to our car we realize it’s BLOCKED IN! And then the entrance/exit is blocked in too. So, naturally, these random men who were also blocked in suggested bouncing the car up and down in order to slide it out of the way. Sounds totally impossible right? Well it worked. The boys (NOT me or one of the men’s preggers wife) moved the car about 5 or 6 feet to the left so we could squeeze 3 cars through.. amazing. Craziest thing I’ve seen probably ever.
After watching the game and a few other, I treated my boyfriend to his birthday dinner. We were leaving pretty late so we ditched our former restaurant plans and decided to go to the Cheesecake Factory instead (because it’s open until 12:30 am! Yeaa!). Well they have complimentary valet parking at this particular restaurant in Buckhead which was a surprise to me so I was caught very off guard when I pulled up. After giving my keys to the boy in charge, walking in, and getting our buzzer, I remembered the back window was cracked. So we went back out to get our keys from the valet so we could roll the windows up.. well NO ONE knew where my keys or the guy who took them were. We stood outside for 5 minutes waiting for them to find him and they finally did. But I really thought my car was stolen. Never again.
Just Peachy

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It’s that time of year again! Finals. Ugh, finals. They are horrible. Luckily, I only have 2 this week – Thursday and Friday and I’m done! Yayyy. So let’s be honest, I have yet to start studying. But it’s not like I haven’t tried to start! I at least re-typed the topics I need to know for one test.. an hour ago.. but still. I’m kind of known in my family/friends for spending endless hours on pointless websites and/or finding the most pointless, funny, entertaining, and dumb YouTube videos. It’s a gift. This is how I distract myself from being productive:
Obvi. What makes finals time worse is you’re stuck doing group projects for endless hours or you’re stuck studying in the library for hours. So naturally you get hungry and naturally the next step is to Pin insane amounts of food. “But it’s planning for Christmas time” is always my excuse.. I’ll be honest. I probably won’t make 1/4 of the things I pin. But it’s still fun to look:

Source: tumblr.com via Rachel on Pinterest
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Yes. This website is new. This website is just like Pinterest. But I’m still obsessed.. I’m waiting for them to accept my application as a blogger so all of you can follow me too! It’s basically a huge shopping list.. what I’m most good at. But it’s also good for finding Christmas presents for people!! And just stalking bloggers. Which I love.
Y’all probably know by now that I really like using Polyvore to make outfits (and recreations of my Thanksgiving dinner plate). Polyvore sucks so many hours out of your day, but it always seems worth it. Need to figure out how to wear a certain item in your closet? See if you can find a similar piece (or the same piece) on Polyvore and it will show you all of the sets users have made with that piece. Easy peasy!

Nike Relax

The 2nd Polyvore I ever made. Still one of my favorites!
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Family Feud

I started out playing Family Feud on Facebook, addicting. THEN I discovered the iPhone app. Umm, even better. It sends alerts to your phone when your Facebook friends play games so you can play along with them. I love it. And I get like 30+ invites for games a day so I know I will always be able to play a game. SO FUN.
Lately, YouTube has had some gems. I’m sorry that 2/3 involve the same Christmas song BUT it is the best one after all.. 
You’re welcome.

Link up below! Feel free to put your own spin on this topic. Best distracting videos, best games, best shopping sites, etc. Thanks! 🙂

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