My Every Day Beauty Hair + Makeup Favorites (+ Ulta 20% off coupon!)

I have a fairly low-maintenance beauty routine. Sure, it’s getting increasingly complicated as I get older, but I pretty much use the same products every single day without fail. It takes me only about 10-15 minutes to apply my makeup each morning and I only style my hair twice a week. Yes, it holds the style ALL week despite working out every day (sometimes twice a day) and I think that could be a blog post all in itself…

The only part of my routine that has become more complicated recently is my skincare. Growing up, I never even washed my face! I have been blessed with pretty tame skin, except for that stressful time in college, and so skincare was never on my radar. I wish I would have started using all of these products earlier in my life to prevent some of the issues I’m experiencing now: dry/dull skin and wrinkles!

Ulta recently sent out their 20% off, no exclusions coupon so I’m going to go restock on many of these items as soon as I can. If you’re part of their rewards program, check your email or your mailbox for the coupon! You can use it on fragrance and the “prestige cosmetics”, so it’s such a great deal. (You can also get 20% off 1 qualifying item purchase with coupon code 504038! Just click here to shop.)

I’ve organized my daily products (and some extra favorites) by type of product below. Happy shopping!




At-Home (Healthy) White Chocolate Mocha

For whatever reason, I was super into Starbucks White Chocolate Mochas this fall. I’m not a fan of the Pumpkin Spice Latte and I felt the season deserved a little something more than my usual Vanilla Latte. However, we all know that the specialty drinks tend to be unfairly more expensive than coffee and I knew I needed to cut back on some expenses. Luckily, Andy bought me an espresso machine for Valentine’s Day a few years ago and so…

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6 Reasons to Celebrate with VOVETI Prosecco

Thank you VOVETI for sponsoring this post. Elevate your entertaining this season with VOVETI Prosecco We’ve got a lot to celebrate around here! This past weekend, my college team won the SEC Championship and is going on to the College Football Playoffs. Go Dawgs! (We deserve it.) Sunday was Andy’s birthday, and the first birthday as husband and wife. We also found out yesterday that his college team is also going to the College Football Playoffs. Roll Tide! (I’m just…

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Holiday Gift Guides 2017

Well, we meet again Christmastime. Who am I to complain? I once wrote a front-page article for my high school newspaper about how Christmastime is the best time because everyone is actually nice to each other. Let’s cross our fingers for that trend to hold true this year too. 😉 Christmas day is just over 3 weeks away. But with holiday shipping timelines, it’s more like 2.5 weeks away. That’s why you’ve got to get on that shopping if you…

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VII Code Oxygen Eye Cream

I had never used an eye cream until this year, in preparation for my wedding. To be perfectly honest, my eye area is the only area of my face that I get self conscious of due to aging. I’ve even “joked” about getting botox under my eyes because of the wrinkles I can’t help but focus on. But before I take those extreme measures, I’m trying to fight it with creams! For background on my skin, I have normal to…

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