VII Code Oxygen Eye Cream

VII Code Oxygen Eye Cream | Just Peachy Blog VII Code Oxygen Eye Cream | Just Peachy Blog VII Code Oxygen Eye Cream | Just Peachy Blog VII Code Oxygen Eye Cream | Just Peachy Blog VII Code Oxygen Eye Cream | Just Peachy Blog VII Code Oxygen Eye Cream | Just Peachy Blog VII Code Oxygen Eye Cream | Just Peachy Blog VII Code Oxygen Eye Cream | Just Peachy Blog

I had never used an eye cream until this year, in preparation for my wedding. To be perfectly honest, my eye area is the only area of my face that I get self conscious of due to aging. I’ve even “joked” about getting botox under my eyes because of the wrinkles I can’t help but focus on. But before I take those extreme measures, I’m trying to fight it with creams!

For background on my skin, I have normal to dry skin. It’s especially dry in the T-zone area and I think my under eye skin is pretty delicate! I am also concerned that I’ve made my under eye skin so thin from scrubbing my makeup off every night with makeup wipes. Because of this theory, I’ve tried using micellar water as a more gentle (and effective) alternative. I also started on my eye cream journey to find the most moisturizing and line-fighting route.

I’ve never been truly happy with any of the creams I’ve tried, so I was so excited when VII Code reached out about their T2 Oxygen Eye Cream. I’ve been using it for a few weeks and it’s incredibly rich and moisturizing without being heavy or greasy! I love how lightweight it feels and I can apply my under eye concealer pretty quickly after I apply which isn’t always true with other products I’ve used.

The packaging of the eye cream is pretty cool. It even comes with what they call an “activating strip” which is used to scoop out the product and massage it along the eye area. This is so great because your hands are homes to germs and bacteria, so reducing the spread of them by eliminating the dipping and application with your fingers is huge. It’s not super intuitive, so I just used the larger side of the crescent to smooth along the eye area. The points will hurt if you apply pressure!

The key ingredients include chamomile and avocado, which are ingredients I can pronounce. The chamomile provides anti-inflammatory, antiseptic, anti-fungal, and anti-bacterial properties plus antioxidants. The avocado also provides similar antioxidants and vitamins while fighting aging and protecting your skin from environmental damage.

So far, my under eyes have been a dream to apply makeup to. I haven’t noticed a big change in the fine lines or wrinkles but it’s also too soon to tell the effectiveness there. Have you found a super duper eye cream or skin product? Leave me a comment below!

This post is in collaboration with VII Code. All opinions are my own.

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