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Knotted Maxi Dress

Knotted Maxi Dress | Just Peachy Blog Knotted Maxi Dress | Just Peachy Blog Knotted Maxi Dress | Just Peachy Blog

Knotted Maxi Dress | Just Peachy Blog

Striped Maxi Dress | Black Sandals

I never own enough maxi dresses. There’s something so easy and satisfying about having nothing to wear and being able to throw on one piece and walk out the door. This maxi dresses combines the best of all the style worlds: lightweight, stripes and pockets. I can seriously see wearing this to the pool, the beach, shopping and a night out. I wish I would have worn a straw hat this particular day, because it would have really upped the style factor.

Since I have short legs, this dress was much too long for me. So I did what I’ve been seeing all over for quite awhile: knotted the hem. It’s like knotting your t-shirt for more shape, except it’s way more functional because you don’t have to trip over your skirt. 😉

Do you have a favorite maxi? Tell me how you wear it!


How to Stay Relaxed the Week Before Your Wedding

Just Peachy Blog | Staying Relaxed Before Your Wedding

The countdown is on you guys! I’m getting married this Saturday! There have been so many

Go to Yoga

I’m telling you, yoga is a different breed of working out. Sure, cardio and weights are a stress relief as well, but I feel so much more refreshed after a good yoga session. I’ve been lucky to have a membership to CorePower and I really love their regular hot yoga classes, but with less time in my schedule, I’ve been really digging the Yoga Sculpt in the place of my usual Orange Theory workout. I promise you’ll burn just as many calories (or more) than a regular fitness class in one Yoga Sculpt class! The heat, plus the mindfulness, plus the stretching means yoga is the absolutely best stress reliever.

Try Something New

A few weeks ago I tried a different workout class that I’ve never done before. F45 Training is a fast-paced HIIT training class and it was so intense! Trying something different keeps me on my toes and allows my mind to really focus on what I’m doing instead of what I should be doing (planning for the wedding). The class was a blast and I highly suggest you check it out if you have one near you!

Put Your Phone Away

I’d be lying if I said that having people ask me a bunch of wedding questions didn’t stress me out just a little bit more. As we got closer and closer to this week, having my phone ring or getting a bunch of emails or text messages put so much pressure on me! Over the weekends, I’ll keep my phone in another room on silent so I can focus on other things without distraction.

Get Crafty

The only things I have left to do this week are make my seating chart and other wedding day signs (yep, I’ve already packed for the honeymoon). Since I don’t get to be crafty very often, this was so therapeutic for me! Although I’ve redone our hashtag sign about 32 times (not exaggerating), it’s nice to sit down with a marker or a paint pen and draw some things out for once. Luckily, I’m not really a perfectionist so I’m not stressing out too much over these things and I’m really happy with how they turned out!

Pamper Yourself

If you’ve ready any of my stress-related blog posts before, you know I’m a big proponent of pampering yourself. Normally I get a monthly massages to relieve my stress, so I chose to skip my July massage for an August 90 minute massage a couple days before the wedding (tomorrow, actually). I also went out to Sephora and bought a ton of new skincare goodies like masks, serums and creams to not only make my skin glow on the big day, but also because it feels nice to pamper yourself at home every night too. Whether it’s a simple sheet facial or a fancy peel off mask, it gets the job done.

What do you do when you get stressed for a big event? Leave me a comment!