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Where Have I Been? Life Update

It’s no surprise I took a bit of an un-explained hiatus from blogging for the past couple months. Normally, I don’t do this, but to say I’ve been busy is a bit of an understatement. Not making any excuses, but let me just walk through a few of the things that have been going on, including one BIG happy surprise.

Boho Bus Boutique Pop-up Atlanta | Just Peachy Blog

Boho Bus

This May, my sister and I started our own traveling boutique, Boho Bus. We now have the most merchandise we’ve had all year and are so excited to share it all with everyone, especially the fall clothing (go check it out online!). We had a big pop-up event in October in our favorite city – Athens, GA, and also a private pop-up for a school PTO. Boho Bus generally keeps us pretty busy without any other distractions as it is.

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Buying a House

Andy and I bought a (town)house! I’m so excited to share it with everyone once it’s closer to being in a completed stage. (Hopefully by Christmas.) We went from a 1 bedroom apartment with an office to a 3 bedroom, 3 story townhome, so we’re still catching up on furnishing it, finishing new floors and hanging things on the walls. Would you all be interested in a “How To” or helpful tricks to purchasing a house? I’d love to share my experience, so let me know!

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Work has been super busy this late in the year and it’s taken me on some fun trips in the past month. I got to travel down to one of my favorite beach cities, Miami, and see a whole new side of the city that I’ve never seen before. I’ve only ever been to South Beach, so being able to stay downtown and see the “business” side of Miami was super fun. I also got to visit Portland, OR again which leads me to the last exciting thing keeping me super busy…

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We’re Engaged!

While I was in Portland for a company team meeting last week, Andy surprised me with a big proposal and a big ring! We’re so excited and feeling so much love from everyone we know. I spent almost the entire past weekend researching timelines, venues, photographers and dates while trying to find the best platform for our wedding website. It’s all very fun but I’m already feeling a bit overwhelmed. Please send me any resources, Pinterest boards or websites you used to plan your wedding!! I really would read every single thing I find.

So if I seem a little bit distracted or am not blogging quite as much as I used to, please bear with me! I’ve got a lot going on and sometimes blogging takes a backseat – which I have to remind myself is 100% okay. If you still want to keep up, follow me on Instagram @rachelregal_!

Book Club

Best Books of Summer 2016

Best Books of 2016 Summer | Just Peachy Blog Best Books of 2016 Summer | Just Peachy Blog Best Books of 2016 Summer | Just Peachy Blog Best Books of 2016 Summer | Just Peachy Blog

This year I made it a point and a New Year’s resolution to read more books. I was quite the bookworm growing up, visiting the library at least once a week over the summer and winning Accelerated Reader competitions in school. Plus, my grandma was a librarian, so it’s in my blood. This summer I did very well at achieving my reading list – I even started a book club! What were my favorite reads? Keep reading!

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Healthy Sweet Tea?

Southern Breeze Sweet Tea | Just Peachy Blog Southern Breeze Sweet Tea | Just Peachy Blog Southern Breeze Sweet Tea | Just Peachy Blog

I think it’s fairly commonly known that I’m (pretty much constantly) on a diet right now. My vices? Comfort food and sweets, both of which are Southern staples. When I’m keeping away from sugar in the form of chocolate or brownies, I almost always crave a big, tall, cool glass of southern sweet tea (but I prefer styrofoam, anyone else?). So of course, now that I’m getting serious about eating better, I’ve gotta make sacrifices and just cut out the sweet stuff completely, right? Wrong! I’d like you to meet my newest obsession: Southern Breeze Sweet Tea.

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